QualiSafe Food Consulting Inc.

untitled-1259083-mQualisafe Food Consulting Inc. helps your business prevent food product and time losses by setting, evaluating and enhancing your safety program. We analyze your food safety system to determine the gap between the standard safety system and yours.  For businesses that do not have a safety program yet, Qualisafe Food Consulting Inc. will help you put in place pre-requisite programs, SOPs, and GMPs. 

You want to “talk the same language” and even be at a step ahead of the inspector and avoid at the same time huge cost of food product recalls and save money from contaminated or wasted products.

Vision statement

Qualisafe Food Consulting aims at providing tailored food safety services to restaurants, producers, and food processors in order to improve their business efficiency while complying with the government requirements.

 Mission statement

Qualisafe Food Consulting will listen and understand each business’s specific needs and provide in response, a food safety program and training that will solve its worrying difficulties. It will rely on its implantation in the large and remote northern countryside of Alberta to offer supportive food safety services to food-related businesses and allow them to access bigger and more restrictive markets. One aspect of our strength resides in our ability to serve divers and scattered small-scale food businesses that brings us constantly close to the clients.


In realizing our vision, we dedicate ourselves to:

Integrity:  we place a very important interest in delivering our services with the highest degree of honesty towards our clients as well as with our employees.

Quality:  we consider the quality of our services the principal factor in keeping current clients or attracting new ones to our company.

Employees:  Employees are the power of our organization so we place on them the care and respect necessary for them to work efficiently.

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