HACCP plan

If you need a HACCP plan, we can we can write your plan and provide all the needed forms following the CFIA guidance below:

1. Assemble the HACCP team

2. Describe the product and identify its intended use

3. List product ingredients and materials that come into contact with the food

4. Construct a process flow diagram

5. Construct a schematic of the establishment

6. Identify and analyze hazards (HACCP principle 1)

7. Determination of Critical Control Points (CCPs) (HACCP principle 2)

8. Critical limits (HACCP Principle 3)

9. Monitoring procedures (for CCPs) (HACCP principle 4)

10. Corrective action procedures (for CCPs) (HACCP principle 5)

11. Verification procedures (for CCPs) (HACCP principle 6)

12. Record keeping (for CCPs) (HACCP Principle 7)


Form 1: Product description

Form 2: List of ingredients and incoming materials

Form 3: Process flow diagram

Form 4: Plant schematic

Form 5: Biological hazard Identification

Form 6: Chemical hazard identification

Form 7: Physical hazard identification

Form 8: CCP determination and other control measures

Form 9: Hazards not controlled by the establishment

Form 10: Critical control points

Form 11: Process controls